A List of Key Dates in York's History

A brief chronology of the city:


71       York is founded by Roman Ninth Legion
120s   Ninth Legion is replaced by the Sixth Legion
211     Emperor Severus dies in York
210s  Caracella makes York the capital of Britannia Inferior
306    Emperor Constantius dies here
306    Constantine is declared Emperor in York
314    Bishop of York is summoned to the Council of Arles

Anglo Saxon

627    King Edwin of Northumbria is baptised in York
735    York has its first Archbishop
778    Alcuin becomes master of the York School


866    Vikings capture the city
954    Last Viking King of York, Eric Bloodaxe is killed
1066  Battle of Stamford Bridge 


1068  William the Conqueror arrives in York
1068  York Castle is founded
1069  Rebellion and the 'Harrying of the North'
1153  Saint William's miracle on Ouse Bridge
1190  Massacre of Jews 


1212  King John grants York new powers
1298  Edward I moves the government to York
1319  Scottish raid kills the Mayor of York
1328  King Edward III marries Philippa of Hainault in York Minster
1349  Black Death - plague hits York
1405  Archbishop Scrope leads rebels against the King and is 'martyred' 


1530  Death of Archbishop Wolsey
1536  Pilgrimage of Grace
1539  Dissolution of the larger monasteries
1586  Execution of Margaret Clitherow
1644  Civil War Siege of York


1739  Dick Turpin is executed at York
1745  Twenty two Jacobite rebels are executed in the city


1829  The Minster is set alight
1830  York's first museum is built
1839  The first railway arrives

20th Century

1938  York Castle Museum opens to the public
1942  The city is bombed by the Luftwaffe
1963  York University is founded
1975  National Railway Museum opens
1979  The dig at Coppergate uncovers Viking York
1984  Minster fire

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