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  • Roman Trail


    York is a city almost 2000 years old, founded when the Roman 9th Legion built their fortress on the north-east bank of the river Ouse sometime around AD71. The legion were sent north from Lincoln to rescue Queen Cartimandua of the local British tribe, the Brigantes, from the forces of her former husband, an enemy of Rome.

    What You Will See:

    St Leonard's Place, Multandular Tower, Yorkshire Museum, Roman Baths and more

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  • The Minster Close


    Did you know that for many centuries there was, within the busy medieval walled city of York, another wall! Behind that wall was another city: the Liberty of Saint Peter, a city within a city.

    What You Will See:

    Peter Prision, St Michael Le Belfrey, Constantine and the Roman Column, York Minster, Treasurer's House and more

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  • The Walls


    The Bar Walls of York are the finest and most complete of any town in England. There are five main “bars” (big gateways), one postern (a small gateway) one Victorian gateway, and 45 towers. At two miles (3.4 kilometres), they are also the longest town walls in the country. Allow two hours to walk around the entire circuit.

    What You Will See:

    York's wall, Multiangular Tower, Lendal Tower, Micklegate bar, Cliffords Tower and more

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