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  • 1839 A.D.

    The Railway Revolution

    Read More The railways saved York from stagnation. 
    Rail travel was still in its infancy when the first train left York in 1839.

Outside the Walls

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  • 1837 A.D.

    Queen Victoria

    Read More Queen Victoria becomes queen aged 18 after the death of William IV.

  • 1837 A.D.

    Oliver Asks For More

    Read More Charles Dicken's ‘Oliver Twist’ was published in monthly instalments over two years, beginning in February 1837.  As well as being a great story, it drew attention to the dreadful conditions in Victorian workhouses.

  • 1846 A.D.

    The Irish Famine

    Read More Between 1846 and 1851 about one million people died from starvation and disease as a result of failures in the potato crop.  A further two million emigrated.  At the time Ireland was ruled by the British government, which offered little help in the disaster.

  • 1859 A.D.

    Origin of the Species Published

    Read More Charles Darwin’s ‘On the Origin of Species’ was published in November 1859, containing the ground-breaking idea of evolution through natural selection.  The theory was a source of great popular interest and debate before becoming accepted as scientific fact.

  • 1880 A.D.

    Education for all

    Read More Education becomes compulsory for children under the age of ten.

  • 1901 A.D.

    Queen Victoria dies

    Read More Queen Victoria dies and is succeeded by Edward VII.