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  • 4000 B.C.

    The First York Residents

    Read More Human beings have lived in the immediate York area since the Neolithic period (c.4000 – 2000 BC).
    Much of the surrounding Vale of York was probably unsuitable for settlement at this time because of its poorly drained and heavy clay soil which made farming difficult.
    However, parts of the city sit on a ridge of high ground which was much more habitable...
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Outside the Walls

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  • 2500 B.C.

    Great Sphinx of Giza

    Read More Whilst northern Britain was still going through its Neolithic period, ancient Egypt had been building pyramids for about 500 years.
    The magnificent Great Sphinx still stands at 20m high.

  • 1500 B.C.

    Stonehenge Building Works Finished

    Read More About 3500 years ago ancient britons completed stonehenge.
    The job wasn't rushed - works began on the site around 1600 years before that, in 3100 BC.

  • 750 B.C.

    Greek Classics Produced

    Read More About this time the Iliad and the Odyssey were produced, the two most famous Greek epic poems.
    In the same period, across the Ionian Sea, the city of Rome was founded.

  • 272 B.C.

    Roman Empire Begins

    Read More In 272 BC Rome became the dominant force in the whole of Italy.
    Over the next 150 years the empire expanded into Sicily, Spain, Macedonia and Asia.
    Julius Caesar made the first Roman expeditions into Britain in 55 and 54 BC