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  • 1799 A.D.

    Nothing Really Happens

    Read More After 17 centuries of being at the centre of major national events, York in the 18th century was comparatively sedate.
    The city became known as the Social Capital of the North.
    And lots of elegant buildings were constructed - see the map - but, by York's standards, it was a quiet period.

  • 1829 A.D.

    Fire in the Minster

    Read More On February 1, 1829 Jonathan Martin hid behind a monument in the Minster, only emerging into the dark, empty cathedral at night.
    He piled cushions and prayer books together in the Choir, set fire to them, and left.  


Outside the Walls

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  • 1718 A.D.

    Deportation of British Convicts

    Read More British convicts start being transported to penal colonies overseas.

  • 1772 A.D.

    Britianís first cotton mill opens

    Read More Cotton manufacture started as a domestic industry, but this changed with the advent of the industrial revolution, when output increased dramatically.

  • 1775 A.D.

    War of Independence

    Read More The American war of independence began as a revolt agains a series of taxes imposed by the Britain.  The first military conflicts took place on April 19, 1775 in the Battles of Lexington and Concord.

  • 1789 A.D.

    The French Revolution

    Read More The French Revolution begins with the storming of the Bastille.

  • 1805 A.D.

    Battle of Trafalgar

    Read More Britian defeats the French and Spanish fleet at the battle of Trafalgar.

  • 1807 A.D.

    Britian abolishes the supply of slaves

    Read More Britian abolishes the supply of slaves on British ships, though slavery continues in the British empire until 1833.

  • 1825 A.D.

    The age of rail

    Read More The railway age begins with the first public railway between the towns of Stockton & Darlington.

  • 1833 A.D.

    End of slavery in the British Empire

    Read More The Slavery Abolition Act was passed by Parliament in 1833.  After years of protest the abolitionist movement had succeeded in making slavery illegal throughout the British Empire. £20m was provided in compensation by the government - it went to the slave owners.

  • 1837 A.D.

    Queen Victoria

    Read More Queen Victoria becomes queen aged 18 after the death of William IV.

  • 1837 A.D.

    Oliver Asks For More

    Read More Charles Dicken's ‘Oliver Twist’ was published in monthly instalments over two years, beginning in February 1837.  As well as being a great story, it drew attention to the dreadful conditions in Victorian workhouses.