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  • 411 A.D.

    After The Romans

    Read More The period of York's history from 400 to 600 AD is often known as the Sub Roman.
    It has been described as ‘one of the most elusive epochs in York’s history’.
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  • 627 A.D.

    Anglo-Saxon King Baptised in York

    Read More This is the year that York reappears in the written record.
    When Edwin of Deira, the king of Northumbria, converted to Christianity he chose York for his baptism.
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Outside the Walls

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  • 731 A.D.

    Bede completes the first history book

    Read More The Venerable Bede completed his book 'Ecclesiastical History of the English People'.  Saint Bede was a Benedictine monk at the Northumbrian monastery of St Peter at Monkwearmouth, his book gained him the title of 'the father of British history'.

  • 789 A.D.

    The Vikings Attack

    Read More An attack on Portland in Dorset, is the first of it’s kind recorded in the British Isles.

  • 805 A.D.

    Aachen Cathedral

    Read More The cathedral built by the king of the Franks - Emperor Charlemagne - was consecrated by Pope Leo III in 805.  It is the oldest in Northern Europe.  Charlemagne himself was buried in its vault when he died in 814.