Victoria Bar

Victoria Bar in the 1880s. Courtesy of Imagine York.

1838AD - 1867AD

As the name suggests, Victoria Bar dates from the 19th century. This new gate was opened in the walls 1838 to enable traffic to exit the city directly between Nunnery Lane and Bishophill.

It was hoped this would improve the flow of traffic through the nearby Micklegate Bar which, being the main entrance and exit to the city, had become heavily congested.

The gate consists of a central archway with two flanking pedestrian arches. The two additional arches were created in 1864 and 1867.

During the construction of Victoria Bar the remains of a much earlier gateway were found beneath it. This is likely to be the gateway known in historical records dating from the 12th century as the 'lounelith' or 'secluded' gateway. At some point this entrance was filled in with earth and stone, presumably to strengthen the city's defences.


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