Painting of 'The Brig Studley'

Painting of the Brig, Studley.

The Merchant Adventurer's Hall has a notable collection of paintings.  This oil painting is an attractive example of a portrait of a merchant ship, which sailed the world's oceans trading in items such as spices, wine, cloth and lead.  Its artist is unknown but a note supplied by E. H. H. Archibald, Curator of Oil Paintings at the National Maritime Museum from 16th May 1977 says:

'This picture shows the Studley in three positions, about 1830, and sailing through the Downs. The artist is typical of a rising generation of ship portraitists, but which one I do not know. I am afraid I have been unable to find a reference to the Stedlay (sic); she does not appear to be in Lloyds.'

Hence there is some confusion over the name of the ship in the painting.  A recent cleaning clearly showed the name on the ship's pennant as 'Studley' and it was called 'The Sailing Brig. Studley' on the 1945 York City Art Gallery List.

The painting is located in the First Anteroom of the Hall.


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