Bootham Bar

Bootham Bar in the mid-19th century by Thomas Shotter Boyes, York Art Gallery R2697

There has been a gateway here for nearly 2000 years - Bootham Bar is on the site of one of the four main entrances to the Roman fortress

The existing structure is not Roman but it has been around for quite a while.  The archway itself dates from the 11th century and the rest of the structure is largely from the 14th century.  In 1501 a door knocker was installed as Scots were required to knock first and seek permission from the Lord Mayor to enter the city.

The bar was damaged during the siege of York in 1644.  Like Micklegate Bar, it was sometimes used to display the heads of traitors, the heads of three rebels opposing Charles II’s restoration were placed here in 1663.

Bootham Bar was the last of the gates to lose its barbican, demolished in 1835.


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