Monastic Orders in York

Holy Trinity Priory by GHF Jones - York Art Gallery

As well as countless churches, Medieval York was home to a wide range of monastic orders. 

Here is a list of the main institutions, with numbers at the dissolution:


St Mary's Abbey c.1088 - 1539, an Abbot and 50 monks

Holy Trinity Priory, 1089 - 1538, a Prior and 10 monks

(there was also a small number of monks in a dependency of Whitby Abbey, the All Saint's Cell in Fishergate)


Blackfriars (Dominican), 1227 - 1538, a Prior and 10 friars

Greyfriars, 1230 - 1538, a Warden and 20 friars

Whitefriars (Carmelite), 1253 - 1538, a Prior and 12 friars

Austin Friars, c.1272 - 1538, a Prior and 13 friars

(between 1260 and c.1300 there was also a small house of 'Friars of the Sack')


St Clement's Priory, c.1130 - 1536, a Prioress and 8 nuns


St Peter's Hospital c.936 - 1135, reformed as St. Leonard's 1135 - 1540, a community from mixed orders.

St Nicholas Hospital (outside Walmgate Bar), c.1088 - 1422 (in 1422 became attached to Holy Trinity Priory)

St Mary's Hospital (Bootham), 1318 - c.1556, a shelter for blind priests, independent of the Abbey

(there were about 20 other very small hospitals ministering to the poor, the sick, and travellers)